The History of Meyer’s Castle

Meyer’s Castle or the Joseph Ernest Meyer House is a former private residence in the town of Dyer, Indiana in the United States. The castle was constructed from 1927-1931 in the Jacobethan style by architect Cosbey Bernard, Sr. The house was built for Joseph Ernest Meyer as his private residence, a herbologist and one of Hammond’s first millionaires. The building now serves as a wedding and party reception venue.

The castle was built as a replica of a Scottish castle Meyer had once seen. When it was completed in 1931, the Meyer’s Castle was the largest and most lavish mansion in the surrounding Calumet region. Its location in the forested area allowed Meyer to continue his practice of herbology.

Joseph Meyer lived in Meyer’s Castle until his death in 1950, leaving the castle to his wife Cecilia, who lived there for several years after his death. After the death of Cecilia Meyer in 1975, the entire castle grounds and complex was sold to the East Dyer Development Company, which subsequently became today’s Castlewood Subdivision of Dyer.

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